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Honduran Mahogany

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Genuine Honduran Mahogany flooring, unfinished, select-btr grade. 1'-10’ (5’+ avg) flooring. Great product for flooring, and also used for ceiling or wall paneling. This is the real Swietenia macrophylla - i.e. True Mahogany.

Typically 4” and 5” widths. Our Honduran (True) Mahogany has certificates of origin.

Illustrated: Finished Honduran Mahogany flooring has a warm rich look after installation.

Photo - Honduran Mahogany flooring after installation - image #1.

Below: The appearance of Honduran Mahogany flooring before and after finishing.

Photo - Honduran Mahogany flooring after installation - image #2.



Based in Virginia, we ship throughout the contiguous mainland USA.

Availability, pricing, and specifications are subject to change without notice. 

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