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Lifestyle Woods is a boutique flooring and lumber business in the USA, bringing unique, beautiful and eco-sustainable Australian Cypress and specialty wood products to American contractors and familes.

Mission: Rather than trying to be all things to all people, Lifestyle Woods maintains its boutique scale so that it can focus on affordable, high quality, specialty flooring and lumber products such as Australian Cypress eco-sustainable products.

We buy only from trusted sources with known and traceable pathways of supply.

Company origins: Lifestyle Woods' precursors were websites for Australian Cypress which have been operated exclusively online by its parent company since 2003 and 2004 respectively. Offering high quality products that had already been developed for 20+ years at that time, these sites were among some of the first to operate a flooring and lumber business online.

We now have 40+ years experience with this lovely Australian wood.

Lifestyle Woods continues that path and operates all its "front store" activities solely online, while also bringing the sales boutique aspects of its sites under one online "roof".

Ownership: Lifestyle Woods is a family owned subsidiary of a separate company originally formed in Delaware, USA, in 2003. Due to significant growth of its online flooring and lumber boutiques since that time, the Lifestyle Woods subsidiary was formed in 2013 to give it a stand-alone identity more in keeping with its specific activities and mission, while remaining under the umbrella of its parent company.

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We ship throughout the continguous mainland states of the USA.

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