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PRICES are subject to change without notice throughout the year, unless you have contacted us about a specific order in which case the estimate indicated to you for specific wood products will hold good for 14 days from the date that it is provided. Freight quotes are confirmed at the time of invoice and subject to slight daily variation ((if any) by the freight companies. Freight variations typically occur during times of rapidly rising gas prices and if a longer period of time has elapsed between a quote and placement of an order.

AVAILABILITY is subject to prior sale and subject to change without notice throughout the year.

  • Use your credit card or debit card for online purchase via our online invoicing and payment pages. Please read the shipping and taxes policies on this page.
  • Your purchases will display on our separate, secure Square or Pay Pal payment page where you can review total purchases.
  • Each time you click "Add To Cart" the item is added at our Square or Pay Pal page.
  • You don't need a Square or Pay Pal account to buy.

BUY BY INVOICE: Can be paid by credit card or wire transfer (ACH direct debit from your bank). Phone or Email your order and an invoice will be emailed to you direct from our online payment accunt, OR if you prefer to pay by check, we email you a PDF printable email. Once the invoice is paid, you automatically receive an electronic receipt and we beging to prep your order. Be sure to confirm your intent to order by email or phone. Invoices are issued only after your confirmed intent to order has been received.

  • We process phone payments through Square or Pay Pal.
  • Can be used for payments for order quantities up to our wholesale minimum. Phone payment not available for volume orders.

MINIMUM ORDER (excludes wholesale discount orders):
  • Flooring: 400 sq ft.
  • Lumber: 300 bd ft.
  • A sliding scale of pricing, plus handling surcharge, is applied to all flooring orders of 200-400 sq ft.
  • No orders under 200 sq ft.

  • Flooring orders over 2,000 sq ft and Lumber orders over 2,000 bd ft qualify for wholesale discount (POA).
  • Wholesale orders require a customer Purchase Order. Wholesale orders of other products are accepted at our discretion and also require a Purchase Order.
  • A Purchase Order does not imply guarantee of supply until our policies and terms have been accepted by the customer, after which an invoice is then issued. Terms are re-stated on the invoice.
  • Please ensure that your purchase order includes your and your company's full name, billing address, shipping address, complete contact information for you/ your company including phone numbers and email address.
  • If the proposed order is to be received by a third party, please also provide a phone number for a representative of that third party so that the shipping company can call them direct to arrange a delivery day and time.
  • Payment of invoice must be in advance by wire transfer or direct deposit only.
  • Shipping cost for wholesale orders is FOB our designated warehouse OR if shipping is provided by us, its cost is in addition to the product price and must be pre-paid, and any on-site delivery over-time must be paid by customer.
  • Wholesale orders of our other products may be determined at our discretion and all of our policies, terms and guidelines apply, including these for wholesale orders.

ALL TRANSACTIONS, regardless of method of payment, are processed through our specific payment pages for Lifestyle Woods.

TAXES: Taxes are included in the published price for continental USA states except Virginia (USA). Virginia purchasers please be aware that when you use the online purchase menus, you will also be charged for taxes which are required by VA state law.

  • We ship pre-paid purchases only. Your order is prepared and shipping arranged as soon as payment has been received and cleared.
  • A photograph of your packed order will be emailed to you upon completion of prepping it for despatch.
  • Another email will be sent to you when your order has on its way, providing you with the freight company name and tracking number.
  • Sometimes these steps co-incide, in which case you will be provided the photo of your order and the freight info in one email.
  • Within the continental USA, we aim for delivery within 5 - 7 days of an order being shipped, depending on when during the week an order is placed. However, because delivery days and times are under the sole control of the freight companies no guarantee as to delivery day and time is given or implied by AustralianCypress.US (Lifestyle Woods). Also, shipping to some locations can take longer (e.g. central USA, mountain states, east coast to west coast).
  • Do not schedule installation until your shipment has been delivered. All responsibility for missed installation dates rests with the customer.

    If there is damage in transit - infrequent but we can't say "never":
  • If yours is one of the infrequent cases where in-transit damage has occurred, it is usually during fork-lift transfer from one truck to another at the freight company's terminal(s) on the way to the final destination. When you sign for your delivery and before you leave the pick-up terminal or the delivery driver leaves your delivery address: Make sure that you have inspected for any major damage and if there is, it must be noted on the driver's / delivery person's page(s) of the delivery paperwork, and you retain a copy of that. The driver / delivery person is required to file that back at the terminal office. Without notes on his / her paperwork, the freight company can deny any knowledge of and liability for damage, and a claim cannot be made on your behalf if there is significant damage. We cannot emphasize strongly enough that you must keep a copy of any notes made on the driver's page of delivery paperwork. Freight companies will not accept any documentation made after the time of delivery - e.g. notes made after the fact on the "customer copy" or customers' photos made after the time of delivery. Your copy of notes on the driver's / terminal operator's page could ultimately be the only way of verifying to the freight company that there was any damage.
    Further: As you read the following numbered steps, bear in mind that in past rare instances of in-transit damage to an order we have very quickly done the right thing by our customers by sending replacement product totally at our own expense both for product and shipping, only to find that the customer had not documented in-transit damage sufficiently - or at all, leaving us unable to recover any cost against the freight company.
  • Don't panic and don't reject the damaged cartons: Scuffs and damage to packaging do not necessarily mean damage to the product inside. Is the damage significant? Even if there appears to be damage to the ends or sides of some boards, this is unlikely to have affected all the contents of a specific carton.
  • Make a reasoned judgement as to whether the amount of damage is likely to affect completion of your project - our recommendation to purchase sufficient for 10% waste includes culling for minor damage to a some boards, whether in-transit or by contractor during installation.
  • If the damage is sufficient to prevent completion of your project, then obviously we will assist you as best we can, provided the steps outlined here have been taken.
  • Document it: Whomever takes receipt of and signs for the delivery must make notes of any SIGNIFICANT in-transit shipping damage directly on the Freight Company's DRIVER'S delivery paperwork page and keep a copy of those notes. If no copy is provided to you by the freight company, run a photocopy or take photos of the relevant page with your cell phone.
  • Set any un-useable boards aside, and tally and photograph these.
  • If you/ your contractor chooses to trim and use damaged boards, these are EXCLUDED from the tally of damaged boards (industry jargon calls this "you nail it, you own it".)
  • If the amount of damage at time of delivery is significant enough to prevent completion of your project and a claim needs to be made with the shipping company on your behalf, you will need to forward all that documentation to us. We cannot process any claim on your behalf regarding damage to delivered goods without that proof of documentation.
  • Note in particular, store credit requested by you as a result of in-transit damage will not be provided without proof of documentation noted on the Freight Company's delivery paperwork and a documented tally of un-useable boards in sufficient quantities to prevent completion of your project.
  • Do contact us to let us know. Provided that the notations have been made on the delivery paperwork and damaged boards documented at the time of delivery, a claim on your behalf can be processed if all the contents of a carton are damaged.
  • No store credit at our expense will be provided for damage that occurs during installation, and will also not be provided after installation of a floor has been completed.


  • All orders are non-refundable.
  • Limited residential warranty matters are resolved through our supplying manufacturer. The limited residential warranty is solely for the finish on pre-finished flooring.
  • Installation must comply with the guidelines of the National Wood Flooring Association.
  • Returns of UNOPENED cartons/ bundles must be notified to us within 30 days of shipping date, with a 20% restocking fee and customer pays freight or delivery back to warehouse.
  • Installed wood products are deemed accepted by the customer.
    Cancellations are only accepted prior to packing and shipping. If your order has already been packed, the cancellation will incur a re-stocking fee for handling, plus credit charges if the payment has been processed by credit card, as outlined below.
  • If you cancel your order after it has been shipped, it will have to be returned to us and the returns policy applies.
  • Cancellations of custom milled and made-to-order items like stair treads with "a return" (here "return" = bull nosed edges on stair exposed ends) will not be accepted
    1. Prior to shipping: Cancellations received (i) prior to handling, packing and shipping preparation incur a $200.00 administrative fee, plus credit charges if the order was paid by credit card, will be deducted from your refund. Cancellations received (ii) after an order has been packed but before shipping, and less than 5 days after payment of invoice, will incur a re-stocking fee of 15%, plus credit charges if the payment has been processed by credit card and any cancellation charges levied by the booked freight carrier. Cancellations received (iii) after an order has been packed and has been stored by us at customer's request for 5 or more days after the payment of invoice will incur a 20% re-stocking fee, plus credit charges if the payment was by credit card, any cancellation charges levied by the booked freight carrier, and storage fees at our facility.
    2. After an order has shipped: If you cancel your order after it has been shippedpartial refunds are provided minus deduction of  (i) 20% restocking fee, (i) payment fees, (iii) samples refunds (samples refunds are only provided for orders that proceed), and (iv) shipping charges to return the order to our warehouse. (v) Returned orders must be received by us UNopened and must arrive in UNdamaged condition. (vi) Carrier charges to return your order to us may be different from those originally charged to you because carriers rates vary daily at their discretion and they charge re-consignment fees and other administrative charges of their own. Partial refunds are only paid if the order is returned to us subject to the terms outlined here. NOTE: There are no refunds of shipping charges for orders dispatched to you. Reason: The freight company is pre-paid for delivery of your order and since they do not refund shipping for outbound and return trips we cannot refund you payments already made to the freight company. 
    3. Cancellations of custom milled and made-to-order items like e.g. such as stair parts and made-to-order moldings etc. will not be accepted.

  • All responsibility for errors in quantities ordered by the customer rests with the customer. AustralianCypress.US (Lifestyle Woods) disclaims any and all liability for incorrect calculations by customers of quantities by ordered.
  • When an incorrect calculation by a customer results in that customer needing to purchase additional flooring to complete their project, that additional purchase is subject to all the terms and conditions of AustralianCypress.US (Lifestyle Woods).
  • When an incorrect calculation by a customer results in an excess of product ordered by the customer, all our terms and conditions including our Returns policy are fully applicable.

  • Payment constitutes the customer's acceptance of our terms, policies and guidelines.
  • Wholesale orders: Pre-acceptance of our terms and policies is generally required for wholesale orders for over 3,000 sq ft of flooring, and for wholesale orders of any of our other products. In the absence of pre-acceptance, payment constitutes acceptance of our terms, policies, and guidelines.
  • Our terms, policies and guidelines are not negotiable.

  • IMPORTANT: If an order request or unusual shipping situation is beyond the scope of our Guidelines, we reserve the right to decline the proposed order or to negotiate the shipping with you.
  • If you have already purchased your order online, and we determine that the order or its shipping is beyond the scope of our guidelines, we will discuss the situation with you and/ or a refund will be arranged.
  • Photographs on this site are representative of Australian Cypress. However, please note that color display on computer monitors can vary considerably and the color of delivered products may vary to some degree from colors in photographs on this site.

YOUR PRIVACY: Your information is not shared, harvested for mailing lists, or sold to anyone either by the owner of Lifestyle Woods and affiliated sites, or by our payment processors PayPal and Your information is for the sole purpose of processing your order. Essential details to complete preparation and shipping of your order will necessarily be provided to our mill supplier and to the relevant shipping company transporting your order. If you do not wish that to occur, please do not proceed with your order.

LAST UPDATED: June 24, 2022.


Based in Virginia, we ship throughout the contiguous mainland USA.

Availability, pricing, and specifications are subject to change without notice. 

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